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The Back Yourself philosophy is simple: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses! It's very easy to find a lot of reasons to give up however it's very tough to find that 1 reason that keeps you going. That's where Back Yourself Fitness comes in. We are a strong support network for all of our clients. We want all of our clients to achieve whatever they set out to do and that means we'll do everything we can to help get you there. We have private studios set up in Aspley and Bracken Ridge. Both studios are a complete NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. You can come in, work hard and leave feeling like you're one step closer. 




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From 2003 until 2013 my life was about music. Living for our band Machinery Hill. We played hundreds of gigs honing our skills as musicians and getting ourselves to a point where we had recorded singles, an album, a film clip and played some pretty substantial gigs alongside very well known musicians. This is a 3 part episode where i'm going to break down how life was for us, the ins and outs of trying to take over the world as a local rock band, the work ethic, the funny road stories and how it all ended. It's definitely a light-hearted chat so enjoy the life and times of Machinery Hill.


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