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About Back Yourself Fitness

The Back Yourself philosophy is simple: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses! It's very easy to find a lot of reasons to give up however it's very tough to find that 1 reason that keeps you going. That's where Back Yourself Fitness comes in. We are a strong support network for all of our clients. We want all of our clients to achieve whatever they set out to do and that means we'll do everything we can to help get you there. We have private studios set up in Aspley and Bracken Ridge. Both studios are a complete NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. You can come in, work hard and leave feeling like you're one step closer. 



Matt Brown



As the owner of Back Yourself Fitness my personal goal for all of our clients is to make sure we're there to help every way we can. I pride myself on being a support network for my clients and making sure they're focused on what they want to achieve.  Each session I put clients through is specifically designed to help achieve their specific goals.  I started Back Yourself Fitness to help improve people's health and lifestyle and since the business began back in 2014 I've been amazed by the results my clients have been able to achieve

Sam Pont


I want my clients to get the most out of their training, nutrition and lifestyle. I want each of them to feel that they are supported and cared about when they walk through the door. I pride myself on my ability to build great relationships with my clients, so that we can work together towards their specific goals no matter how big or small. Since becoming a PT in 2014, I have learnt that the most important thing I want my clients to build, is self-belief. Because at the end of the day you’re the one responsible for getting results.



Our Addresses:

7/613a Robinson Rd West

Aspley 4034

87 Gawain Rd 

Bracken Ridge 4017


Aspley: 0400 025 710

Bracken Ridge: 0433 391 900


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