Matt Brown



As the owner of Back Yourself Fitness my personal goal for all of our clients is to make sure we're there to help every way we can. I pride myself on being a support network for my clients and making sure they're focused on what they want to achieve.  Each session I put clients through a workout that is specifically designed to help take a step closer to their specific goals.  Your age, ability, disability, limitations or experience in a gym is a non-issue and I make sure that every client feels comfortable and there is always a workout we can get through.  I started Back Yourself Fitness to help improve people's health and lifestyle, and since the business began back in 2014 I've been amazed by the results my clients have been able to achieve.

Olivia Forrest

BC Martial Arts

We teach BCMA (BC Martial Arts), a mixed martial art created to go hand in hand with BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitzu) to provide a comprehensive mixed martial art.  BCMA teaches self-defence, punching, kicking, elbows, knees, striking defence, takedowns and basic groundwork.  BCMA is set upon three pillars of mind (knowledge of martial arts and the body and the importance of continual education), body (martial art technique and physical health and fitness), and soul (self-development towards becoming a better person and a providing a greater contribution to the world community).