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Exciting news from us here at Back Yourself Fitness: we will be partnering up with to help our audience take steps forward with the cooking, meal planning and preparation of their food.

Would you like to:

  • Feel better planned regarding your meals, know what you're going to eat and know you have what you need to make it

  • Reduce the amount of food you waste each week

  • Make fewer decisions about what you and your family are going to eat and know everyone is fuelling their bodies with the good stuff so everyone can feel better

  • Know what you'll be spending each week on food so you can budget accordingly

The guys have spent a ridiculous amount of time crafting the perfect meal plans for busy families so you don't have to! Designed to save you time and money, help you to eat healthier, eat a diverse range of foods and take a weight off your shoulders.

The team at fre-as-a would love to offer the Back Yourself Fitness community a free 7 day trial of their meal planning made easy service They've set out to help busy families create more fre-dom in their week by taking care of meal planning, handling groceries and supercharging wellness goals As part of the meal planning made easy community, you'll receive a new meal plan each week that can be easily adapted to suit gluten free and dairy free requirements. You'll also get a categorised grocery list and the option to have your online grocery shopping done for you! Say goodbye to decision fatigue when it comes to food in your household and hello to quick, simple, delicious recipes that will feed your whole family. Head to to start feeling 'fre' today!


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