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Greatest Body Transformations Pt. 1

Back Yourself Fitness has been around since 2014 and over the journey we've had our clients kick some phenomenal goals. We took a moment to look back at some of the greatest body transformations we've been lucky enough to be apart of and it was, to be honest, pretty humbling.

Now we take pride in the fact that as a rule Back Yourself Fitness will not share any before/after photos from any of the challenges because those body comparison photos are private and are a reference point for the challenger to see how much their body has changed across the challenge. However after looking at some of our greatest transformations we reached out to a few clients and ex-clients to see if we could share their story as a bit of inspiration to anyone who may be in the same situation they once were.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be sharing our 5 greatest body transformations (in no particular order) and we hope that this is a little bit of inspiration for others.


September 2015 Maree had her first session at Back Yourself Fitness and I could see Maree was strong willed we just needed the body to catch up.

After having her realization moment, Maree started walking every day and started on lite and easy. She realized that it was time to step up the exercise and that's where Back Yourself Fitness came into the picture. I remember the early days we had to work out what Maree was capable of with some of her physical limitations. She had a "good" and "bad" shoulder, knees that would play up and obviously I would be giving her movements she'd never done before. Once again, I knew she was strong willed because she'd walk to and from every session and she'd turn up to every session ready to work.

Maree has done every challenge Back Yourself Fitness has run since she's been training with us. Without fail every challenge, no matter how far into her "journey" she has been she has dropped anywhere between 3% and 5% body fat every single time. In saying this though, Maree has never won a challenge HOWEVER she has made sustainable, maintainable changes and not once has her weight or body composition yo-yo'd. Maree has her eyes on the prize. That prize is her health and well being. Every challenge she has done, Maree has improved her health and well being and she's not looking back.


In the beginning Maree was seeing us twice a week but these days we see her 3-5 times a week. It doesn't matter if it's a group or PT session, Maree rips in like it's the last session she'll ever do. 2015 Maree struggled lifting 3kg dumbbells above her head without pain and had no idea what a deadlift was. 2018 Maree is now pressing a 20kg bar overhead and is punching out 60kg deadlifts. We focused on improving her everyday life. Looking at muscle endurance and strengthening up her weak joints.

Her accomplishments are too many to tick off. Even the smallest movements are so substantially different from 2015 Maree. I'm even stoked to report that Maree has given lite and easy the flick and is now preparing all her own food. So not only have we been mastering the gym but we've learnt what we need to do outside of the gym to improve our health and well being.

2015 Maree: 110kg

2018 Maree: 82kg and not looking back.

She is truly an inspiration. Not once have I heard a complaint about the sessions nor have I heard Maree use an excuse. Maree has not only done this for herself but done it for her family as well. Wanting to be around as long as possible and be fully capable to play with grand kids but also get her hands dirty in the yard.

No matter what your age, financial situation, home life,work life or head space you too can achieve what ever you set your mind to.

Stay tuned over the next 4 weeks for more of the greatest body transformations from Back Yourself Fitness.

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