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Greatest Body Transformations Pt. 2

Back Yourself Fitness has been around since 2014 and over the journey we've had our clients kick some phenomenal goals. We took a moment to look back at some of the greatest body transformations we've been lucky enough to be apart of and it was, to be honest, pretty humbling.

Now we take pride in the fact that as a rule Back Yourself Fitness will not share any before/after photos from any of the challenges because those body comparison photos are private and are a reference point for the challenger to see how much their body has changed across the challenge. However after looking at some of our greatest transformations we reached out to a few clients and ex-clients to see if we could share their story as a bit of inspiration to anyone who may be in the same situation they once were.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be sharing our 5 greatest body transformations (in no particular order) and we hope that this is a little bit of inspiration for others.


At the end of 2015 a client of ours, Rod, spoke to me about doing some work with is youngest son. Lachy had been a good swimmer throughout his teens however his competitors had hit their growth spurt and were stronger and more powerful through the water. Rod had discussed with his son about coming in and doing some training at Back Yourself Fitness to help improve his power through the water.

We still have Lachy’s initial testing sheet from his first session and from the notes made, we could see he had all the fitness in the world (obviously the swimming had something to do with that) however we knew Lachy could add more power to his movements.

My advice to Lachy was simple: eat. Eat, eat, eat and eat and every time you walk through these doors we’re going to push some weight. I knew that he was going to get his fitness from his swimming, so it was up to his sessions at Back Yourself to get his weight work done. When we first started I’ll be honest, we were using light weights and that’s totally fine. These were all knew movements and I had Lachy working to his limits each session. I knew that as long as Lachy was eating enough we were going to see some results.

Fast forward a handful of months and our weights had grown and the scales had jumped up. Fast forward another half year and the physique had changed, the weights and grown and the scales had jumped up once again. Fast forward to present day and Lachy is pushing huge weights, his frame is completely different, and he is a beast.

Simplicity works. I knew all he had to do was eat enough to grow his muscles, he’d get the fitness he needed from his swimming and we just had to push some weights. Sounds simple but even the simplest of plans can fall apart if you don’t sick to it. From 2015 to now the goal has changed. He doesn’t compete in any more swim meets however his passion has moved into coaching. Lachy currently teaches learn to swim, works at the pool’s gym facility as a trainer and is studying to be a PE teacher. On top of that Lachy has started to gather quite a following on his social media accounts with his workouts he’s been posting.

November 2015: Lachy was a 17yr kid who weighed 62kg, struggled with 25kg bench, had to be taught correct squat technique and had never done a deadlift before.

July 2018: Lachy weighs in at 85kg of muscle, has cleared over 100kg on bench, over 160kg on squats and 200kg on deadlifts.

Gaining over 20kg of muscle across 2 and half years is unreal. Lachy’s work ethic and commitment OUTSIDE of the gym is why he’s had these kinds of results. On top of the way Lachy treated his nutrition, he studied workout videos and paid attention to what we were teaching him during his sessions so that he could put them into practise in his own workouts.

Once again: he is a beast.

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