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Greatest Body Transformations Pt. 3

Back Yourself Fitness has been around since 2014 and over the journey we've had our clients kick some phenomenal goals. We took a moment to look back at some of the greatest body transformations we've been lucky enough to be a part of and it was, to be honest, pretty humbling.

Now we take pride in the fact that as a rule Back Yourself Fitness will not share any before/after photos from any of the challenges because those body comparison photos are private and are a reference point for the challenger to see how much their body has changed across the challenge. However after looking at some of our greatest transformations we reached out to a few clients and ex-clients to see if we could share their story as a bit of inspiration to anyone who may be in the same situation they once were.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be sharing our 5 greatest body transformations (in no particular order) and we hope that this is a little bit of inspiration for others.


Cilla’s story is a touching one. Her journey has been the most rewarding to be a part of so far due to the obstacles we had to overcome and where we were starting from. We won’t go into detail however we will give you an idea of the strength and determination of this lady. Cilla had a tough battle with breast cancer which took its toll on her body both physically and mentally. After going through her surgeries and chemotherapy the uphill battle was quite obvious. Cilla beat cancer which is one of the greatest achievements to tick off in life however post surgeries, her confidence was gone and for any reconstructive surgeries to happen she had to get herself to a certain weight and shape before the doctors would agree to the procedures.

I remember in the very beginning, Cilla had to be convinced by a mutual friend to come in and see me. There was no self-belief when it came to the gym or her body but that goal of getting herself to a certain size for reconstructive surgery was too great to ignore. Our first few sessions I had worked out what we were capable of and Cilla had worked out how sore she was going to be the next day….which was very sore haha. Every session we did was 1 step closer to that surgery. Cilla’s confidence did NOT grow overnight but we were playing a long game and I could see that determination coming to the forefront.

We got Cilla out of her comfort zone so much that she signed up to our Summer Body Kickstart Challenge in 2015 and she became one of the leaders at every bootcamp we did. She was friendly with everyone and genuinely wanted to make sure everyone felt included even though I know her confidence wasn’t sky high. For that challenge alone Cilla lost 9.3kg, 45.8cm off her total girth measurements and 46mm off her total skinfold measurements which meant she finished in 2nd place for that challenge. She went from being incredibly scared of the gym environment to being one of the leaders at challenge bootcamps and the 2nd place finisher.

That was the challenge, but our journey was no where near done. We both knew we still had work to do in the gym but I saw her biggest growths outside of the gym. She turned into one of Back Yourself Fitness’ biggest advocates. She brought her work friends into our system, SHE was training people from her work, her food did a complete 180 and was on the straight and narrow and her vibrant personality and confidence was growing and growing. Little things like not wanting to buy ladies gym singlets were a thing of the past and Cilla had changed her body so much to that point that it was time for a whole new wardrobe and it was time to show off that new figure!

Even in the gym her changes were unreal. She became one of the strongest females I was training at that time and movements that seemed impossible when we first started became staple exercises in our sessions.

I’ll never forget the day when we achieved the goal. The hug we had and moment we shared was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in my career so far. The scales ticked under the weight we needed to be for our reconstructive surgery, which meant it was time for the next step in her journey. Going from conquering one of life’s biggest battles to conquering one of the biggest personal battles.

To this day Cilla is one of Back Yourself Fitness’ biggest advocates. That timid and unsure person I first met way back when is nothing but a myth. Cilla now days is a vibrant, confident lady with a figure.

Cilla when she walked through our doors in the beginning: 102kgs, no confidence and very unsure

Cilla when we reached our reconstructive surgery weight: 80kg and a different person

Cilla now: strong, curvy, full of life and a great friend.

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