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Greatest Body Transformations Pt. 4

Back Yourself Fitness has been around since 2014 and over the journey we've had our clients kick some phenomenal goals. We took a moment to look back at some of the greatest body transformations we've been lucky enough to be a part of and it was, to be honest, pretty humbling.

Now we take pride in the fact that as a rule Back Yourself Fitness will not share any before/after photos from any of the challenges because those body comparison photos are private and are a reference point for the challenger to see how much their body has changed across the challenge. However after looking at some of our greatest transformations we reached out to a few clients and ex-clients to see if we could share their story as a bit of inspiration to anyone who may be in the same situation they once were.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be sharing our 5 greatest body transformations (in no particular order) and we hope that this is a little bit of inspiration for others.


Towards the end of 2017 Dustin walked into the studio and told me he needed to “get in shape”. He was a train driver, had very little understanding of good nutrition and hadn’t had much experience in a gym- We were starting with a blank canvas!

I knew we had to take things slow, and work on getting confident with the basics. In the first few weeks, Dustin couldn’t complete a full 30 minute session without having to lie down due to feeling light headed. Despite not always finishing the session at times, I always knew he would be back the following week, determined to not let it beat him.

As momentum built over the months, Dustin began to see results and tighten up on his nutrition. The weekly question of “How’s the food going mate?” was regularly met with a confident reply and a big smile. Working as a train driver, the temptation to eat poorly is always there. Dustin chose to start making his own meals, prioritizing his food and not letting the shift work be an excuse to splurge. Whilst it can still be a challenge, he is aware of the importance of good eating and sticking to a routine.

Over the last year, our primary focus has been getting Dustin stronger, and working on the big compound movements. Dustin has gone from Squatting 40kg to 80kg, Deadlifting 60kg to 100kg, and Benching 30kg to 60kg with ease. Dustin started off weighing at 110kg, and since he stepped in the BYF doors has lost 10kg.

Dustin trains with me once a week, and has taken the initiative to set up a home gym, to do his own sessions each week out of there. Through consistency and persistence, Dustin has had fantastic results in the first 12 months of his training. However Dustin knows the work isn't done. This transformation will be one where we'll check back in in 6 months time and he'll be a different person again. This is a credit to his work ethic and self-motivation, keep up the great work mate! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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