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Greatest Body Transformations Pt. 5

Back Yourself Fitness has been around since 2014 and over the journey we've had our clients kick some phenomenal goals. We took a moment to look back at some of the greatest body transformations we've been lucky enough to be a part of and it was, to be honest, pretty humbling.

Now we take pride in the fact that as a rule Back Yourself Fitness will not share any before/after photos from any of the challenges because those body comparison photos are private and are a reference point for the challenger to see how much their body has changed across the challenge. However after looking at some of our greatest transformations we reached out to a few clients and ex-clients to see if we could share their story as a bit of inspiration to anyone who may be in the same situation they once were.


Now first of all let me start by saying that this ISN’T one of those transformations of losing 20kg or going from never been in a gym to completely shredded. However, this transformation is one of dedication, continual work and healthy lifestyle changes. There have been no crash diets, no fancy training programs and definitely no half arsing our approach. Wendy has been consistent in both her training and her eating which has brought us to where we are today.

Let me give you a snapshot of Wendy:

Wendy is a 9am-5pm office worker in the over 35 category (did you like that one Wendy? 😉), so you could say she has a very “average” lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I mean absolutely no offence when I say that but Wendy is in a category of people who work normal office hours. Now it’s this same group that struggle to come and train before work because they like their sleep and who also struggle to train after work because they’re tired from their day. Not Wendy. Wendy is one of Back Yourself Fitness’ most regular clients AND has been around since the beginning of BYF. Wendy is one of those clients who never complains about the session you give them. Sure, she’ll shoot you that look that says “are you serious?” every now and again but she’ll grit her teeth and rip in like there’s no tomorrow.

When I first started training Wendy it was back in 2013 in a group environment. She already had that work ethic to her training but wasn’t really moving forward in the way that she could. Once we got stuck into our 1 on 1 sessions we quickly found out that we had to unlearn bad habits and relearn movements. Simple things like push ups or weighted movements were our downfall. From a fitness standpoint Wendy was fine but there’s no point in training what we’re already good at if we want to move forward. I remember watching Wendy’s push ups way back when and thinking – right we’ve got some work to do. It was almost like a mental block or autopilot kicking in that was restricting any weighted movements. Possibly a little bit of self doubt.

How do you fix that? Start from the beginning. Work on the foundation and the weights will come. To this day how we work our sessions is we have a little bit of mobility work, look at a bigger movement then finish with some higher rep work.

2013: Push ups were let’s be honest, ugly. Then throw on top of that the lack of confidence and ability in movements that restricted us to 30-35kg deadlifts and not using heavier than 5kg dumbbells on any movement.

2018: One of the all around fittest clients we have on our books. I know for a fact in group situations we have people younger than her trying to keep up. Smashing out 60kg deadlifts, 5kg dumbbells on everything is a thing of the past and those push ups: soooooo much better.

BUT as great as her strength increases have been, that hasn’t been her greatest achievement. From a trainer’s perspective her greatest achievement to date has been her transformation in mentality. Wendy trains with us 6 times a week (both in classes and 1 on 1 sessions), the most out of any client. Why? Because we’ve made it part of her routine. We don’t worry about how much we weigh, we worry about our effort in our sessions. IN FACT since first starting with us the scales have only moved 2-3kg but that’s not why we’re training. Wendy’s strength and definition has improved out of sight! Did it happen overnight? Absolutely not. Wendy’s continuing work ethic and mindset both in and out of the gym has lead to her strength and ability improving by leaps and bounds. We don’t fret about what the scales say or eating “perfectly” 365 days a year however we do do is train hard consistently, eat well and not lose focus on why we train.

We started together to improve our lifestyle outside of the gym and ability in the gym. We’ve gone from being quite the novice to being one of the fittest and most capable clients BYF has. If you want something you’ve got to work for it and Wendy is prime example of someone who has/is putting in the work. If you want change, you’ve got to put the work in and Wendy is a prime example of someone who always been ready to work in every one of her sessions.

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