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In June we launched the Back Yourself Podcast, a podcast where I question though processes and reasoning behind peoples actions. My end goal is to create though provoking content that has the listener asking themselves the same question. Across the journey i'm getting in a variety of guests to find out what makes them tick and what keeps them motivated. So far we've had:

Sam Pont - Back Yourself Aspley Head Trainer: Sam and I work side by side at Back Yourself Fitness and we talk about why he got into the industry, how he looks after himself and the focus of his PT sessions with his clients. Even though we're very like minded, it was a good chance for me to really pick his brains and learn more about what keeps him motivated.

Mickel Le Mura - Stay Local Barbershop: WOW. What a story. Mick runs Stay Local Barbershop at Aspley and he opened up not long after the Back Yourself Aspley studio opened so we've seen first hand his business go from humble beginnings to the juggernaut that it is today. BUT that's not the big reason I got Mick to come in for chat. In this 2 part series Mick talks about his young family and the ongoing health struggles both his young daughter and wife have. Finding out what keeps him going and learning more about his back story was truly amazing. It's a humbling listen to hear where he started, what they've been through and where they are today. For more information subscribe to Being Dusty Mae on YouTube.

Kobi Mills - Heavy Conditioning: Our latest podcast features Kobi, head trainer and owner of Heavy Conditioning. For his own training and training his clients, they focus purely on strength movements. We talk about his sporting background, how he got into strength and the launch and operation of his own supplement line. It was refreshing to hear another PT put "health" on a pedestal instead of focusing so heavily (full pun intended) on "fitness".

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We have plenty of guests lined up so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe!

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