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New Years Resolution FAILS

Ahhhh yes New Years Resolutions. We've all made them and about 4 days later we've broken them. Why is this? Lets have a look the common resolutions:







These are just a couple of examples and I know there are a lot of people who have put 1 or more of these on their resolutions. Unfortunately you're setting yourself up to fail. How? Well if you look at the above listed, you can see that there is nothing measurable about any of them. We generally just say these things without any planning or progress behind them. Here are some hurdles that we all run into with New Years Resolutions:

WE WANT IT TO HAPPEN TOMORROW. Not willing to put the effort in and knowing it takes time (like anything in life).

NON-MEASURABLE GOALS. "I want to get fit" is not measurable BUT "I want to run a km in under 6mins" is

NOT HAVING A PLAN. You want to quite smoking - how are you going to do that? What's your daily plan, weekly, monthly etc.

YOU'RE SELF DOUBT WILL LEAD TO RELAPSE. We're all wired so negatively. We all have that voice in our heads that says, you can't do this. At the end of the day you'll be able to find 100 excuses why you can't but you've got to find that 1 reason why you can (or Back they say). This leads into the final point of

YOU KNOW THE HOW, BUT YOU DONT KNOW YOUR WHY. Ok I'm going to train more - that's your how. I'm going to train more because I'm self conscious in all my clothes and I feel like everyone judges me - there's your why.

When setting out your New Years Resolutions you've got to be able to measure or tick off an activity, have a plan instead of just "trying", know why it's important for you to achieve it, know that it takes time and effort, stay focussed but most importantly - BACK YOURSELF!

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