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Triathlon Prep Series Ep.1

This is the first episode in the Back Yourself Triathlon Prep Series. this will be a short video series over the coming weeks documenting my preparation for the Byron Bay Sprint Tri. It'll cover programming, training, nutrition, recovery, day before, day of and day after. If you're interested to know more about the programming side of things feel free to get in touch via any of our social media accounts.

Episode 1:

The hows and whys of the preparation for my first ever sprint triathlon. I went through and programmed 8 weeks of training and mobility work in the lead up to the triathlon. Without going into detail, my theory behind the programming is aim for 3/4 hours or triathlon specific training per week. Once again, without the detail here is my layout for weeks 1 - 4 for training. You'll be able to see the steady increase in my cardio output while still trying to maintain my hypertrophy work:

WEEK 1 (recovery week post team tri)

Monday: upper body recovery & 3km row (steady pace)

Tuesday: glute activation & low impact circuit

Wednesday: 1000m swim & shoulders

Thursday: cardio & rest

Friday: 5km jog & rest

Saturday: squats & rest

Sunday rest

WEEK 2 (increased in triathlon moves)

Monday: 13km ride (rain affected) & rest

Tuesday: glute activation & deadlifts

Wednesday: 500m swim arms only & back

Thursday: 20km bike & upper body

Friday 2x 3km runs & rest

Saturday: squats & rest

Sunday rest

WEEK 3 (increased volume of triathlon moves)

Monday: mobility & HIIT

Tuesday: back & 30km bike

Wednesday: 200-300m open water swim & chest

Thursday: core & mobility

Friday: 8km run & rest

Saturday: 1000m swim & rest

Sunday: leg movement & rest

WEEK 4: (increased intensity and frequency of triathlon moves)

Monday: 3x300m swim time trial & HIIT

Tuesday: squats & indoor "brick" (12min spin bike intervals, 10min row, 1000m ski)

Wednesday: rest & 20km bike

Thursday: metabolic conditioning & core

Friday: 6km run & rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 30km bike & 500m open water swim

The next episode will break down recovery and week 5 of training where the load on triathlon moves has been increased again.


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