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Triathlon Prep Series Ep. 2

The Back Yourself Triathlon Prep Series is back and in episode 2 I'm breaking down week 5 of my training program. Week 5 was aimed at increasing the intensity on the triathlon specific movements. It saw the first "brick" workout plus I added in back to back triathlon training days and looked at time trials.

WEEK 4 SUNDAY: 30km Bike & 500m open water swim


MONDAY: HIIT (get in, get out) & upper body recovery

TUESDAY: Deadlifts (low weight and slow move) & 10km bike into 5km run

WEDNESDAY: 4x 200m swim & mobility

THURSDAY: Overhead press & endurance fitness

FRIDAY: 20km bike time trial & rest

SATURDAY: 5km run time trial & rest

SUNDAY: 600m open water swim & rest

I'm still 18 days out from the Triathlon and this week (week 6 of 8) will be the most intense week, so nutrition and calorie intake will need to be high. More days are focused on 1x hard hit out for the Tri and a mobility session.

For more info about my programming or training shoot an email to or get in touch via any of the Back Yourself Fitness social media pages. #backyourself

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