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Triathlon Prep Series Ep. 3

Episode 3 of the Back Yourself Fitness breaks down week 6 of the trainings where I had a walk through/test run of the sprint distances. I also start talking recovery and rehab from the heavier loads.

Here's the training breakdown from week 6:

MONDAY: 20km bike & rest

TUESDAY: rest & back

WEDNESDAY: 1200m swim


FRIDAY: 750m open water swim/20km bike/5km run (triathlon distances) & rest


SUNDAY: metabolic conditioning & rest

You can see the loading of movements and exercise change. My aim was to make week 6 my peak performance week and from here on out I will either be looking at longer low intensity distances or moving into tapering right off in prep for the tri (less than 2 weeks away). Monday's bike was a solid 70% ish hit out, Wednesday's swim was one of the longer swims I've done and then moving into Friday being a walk through of the actual triathlon distances.

Wednesday's swim was about remaining calm and focusing more on my strokes as opposed to worrying about how long it was taking to do. Friday's "practise tri" was a nice taste test for what I'm in for in 2 weeks. I purposely kept effort levels lower on the swim and bike and my changeover in between those 2 exercises was long and relaxed. The run I can still improve on but I still clocked in at 4.54/km, so there's a little bit of wiggle room but that's still a decent pace.

Recovery wise I have put a heavier focus on mobility and rest. On top of that I had my first remedial massage as a general loosen up because of the amount of repetitive stress I've put on certain muscles (impact muscles: basically the lower back down) across the programming.

This next week will be about long distance, good recovery and beginning the taper.

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