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Triathlon Prep Series Ep. 4

Episode 4 of the Back Yourself Fitness Triathlon Prep Series looks back at week 7 of training (the week before the tri). Week 5 was programmed so the back end of the week was the highest intensity training with the program now shifting into deload before the race.

MONDAY: remedial massage & mobility

TUESDAY: mobility & 30km bike

WEDNESDAY: 750m swim time trial & upper body

THURSDAY: rest & glutes/deadlifts

FRIDAY: upper & 5km run


SUNDAY: swim intervals (100m 30sec rest, 200m 45sec rest, 300m 90sec rest, 400m) & sauna

My training for the preparation has peaked and now I'm maintaining and moving into lower intensity and higher recovery. I'm putting a much heavier emphasis on stretching and mobility over this week and then moving into week 8 (triathlon week) I will be again stepping it down and increasing the mobility work.


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