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Triathlon Prep Series Ep.5 & 6 (final)

The final 2 episodes of the Triathlon Prep Series (for now....) are the morning of the tri and the day following the tri.

Episode 5 of the Back Yourself Triathlon Pre Series is the morning of the race! It's a brief little video....more so so I didn't wake anyone up when filming, where I touch on my morning routine before heading to the race and what my goals were. In hindsight it's amusing to watch this video and know how the next 2hrs played out but you'll hear all about that in Ep. 6.

The aftermath: The 6th and final episode of this Triathlon Prep Series is the morning after and I'm back at work. The body is a bit stiff and the energy levels are low but considering the day before, it was to be expected. In episode 6 here I talk about what happened AFTER filming episode 5 and how I ended up running 3km just to get to the race itself. From there I break down my results in each leg, how it felt and what the course was like.

Overall I finished 111th/385 for the sprint distance with a time of 1:22:46 which I was stoked with but it's always annoying looking at the times ahead of you and seeing they were only seconds faster. I think back and go "if I could've push harder here I could've finished higher" but hindsight is a wonderful thing. To put it all in perspective the winner of the sprint triathlon completed the course in 40:36 WHICH IS RIDICULOUS!!

I also talk about the event itself and what my plans are moving forward.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading/watching this series and it will be back when I lock in my next goal!


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