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What Gym Environment Is Right For You?

In todays day and age fitness and health have become more of a priority to a majority of the population (PRAISE THE LORD haha). It seems like everyone you meet will be a member of a gym, bootcamp or be seeing a personal trainer.

Today I want to break down the pros of a variety of different gyms/training facilities and give you my recommendation on what person would suit the space the best. NOTE: I will not be pointing out the negatives of any of these spaces because if you're being active, that's a positive!

  1. PRIVATE PESONAL TRAINING STUDIO Obviously I'm going to be a little bit biased towards personal training studios as this is what my space is however if I take a step back and look at it from a objective point of view, here are the upsides about training in a private space: private, comfortable space no outside distractions 1 on 1 accountability freedom in the space tailored sessions to the individual educational no contracts The private space is perfect for anyone who is a little more self conscious about exercise or their ability. It's also a great environment for a higher education when it comes to how the body moves. Finally, one of the best parts about it is that each and every session is tailored towards the individual and their specific goals and weaknesses.

  2. GROUP FITNESS BOX GYM Now, I will include your F45s and Fitstops in here as well as your privately owned smaller scale group fitness gyms. Group fitness is all the rage, and the above mentioned "larger group gyms" have built their whole business models around more people in the space at once. Here are the positives around these guys: community atmosphere generally like minded people supportive/friendly competition environment variety of classes available higher intensity workouts pricing and free trials are definitely more competitive These guys are right up the alley of people who love higher intensity workouts and the social element to exercise. High fives and cups of coffee after sessions plus social outings are generally the norm around here. If you're someone who's motivated by others and want to be pushed every session, this is for you.

  3. COMMERCIAL GYMS They've been around for decades and are still going strong. Why - because there's a demand for them. Yes, they've had to evolve over time but the structure is the same: pay your weekly money, turn up and do what you want. Here's what you can expect at most commercial spaces: huge range of equipment, usually new and top of the range large facilities with different sections (e.g. pool, cardio area, group room etc) your typical "gym environment" you are left to your own devices train to fit your schedule very competitive pricing The commercial gym environment is perfect for those who know what they're doing and want to be left alone, with headphones in to smash their workouts. Whether it's weights or cardio, your average commercial gym goer knows what they're doing and will get in, get it done and go home. This obviously suits self motivated people who have a decent enough knowledge of what they're doing.

  4. 24/7 GYM You could copy and paste some of the above points from commercial gyms but there are definitely some differences: very competitive pricing 24/7 access good range of equipment (no bells and whistles) medium size facility train to fit your schedule Much like your commercial gym space, this is perfect for self motivated people however the 24/7 gives you much more flexibility. The ability for shift workers to train around their rostered lives or travelling workers the ability to train in a different city's gym using their membership from home.

  5. LOCAL BOOTCAMPS/PARK PTs Every Saturday morning you'll no doubt come across these guys and girls around the suburbs, in local parks putting a group of people through a session. Minimal equipment and getting you moving is the main focus: cheap but generally you will have to commit for a certain amount of sessions outdoor fitness local and usually are set up within a close proximity of shops, cafes or playgrounds mainly Saturday morning session but will have a small selection mid-week sessions If training outside is your thing, this is for you. As I said above, the prime objective is getting you moving without using a lot of equipment. Bring the kids or dog and do your session and possibly grab a coffee after.

  6. SPECIALISED GYMS (PILATES/YOGA/MARTIAL ARTS/BOXING ETC) If you're looking into these places, you're obviously on the search for a specific way of training or discipline: specific discipline work specific discipline education price represents the niche area they work in This is obviously targeted at people who want to train a specific way and need guidance in that area. Pretty simply: if that's you, then this for you. If you want your car fixed, you see a mechanic. If you want to get better at yoga, use a yoga instructor.

These are only but a small handful of what's available out there. NONE OF THESE ARE BAD! If you're moving and active - THAT'S GREAT! Know what you're looking for and find somewhere that suits you and what you need.


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