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What's new at Back Yourself: AJK Fitness

2021 has seen some changes in the Back Yourself Fitness facility. One of those changes has been the introduction of AJK Fitness! We're pleased to have Andrew come on board and he will be operating both his groups and PTs from Back Yourself.

Here's a little about Andrew:

I’m originally from Cronulla, NSW and I have always been athletic. Growing up, I had a hand in all sports and always will to try new things and to push myself to the limit. One sport that stuck with me was swimming. I made national champions where I, not along competed but, also medaled multiple times including Gold. I was selected for many teams over my career, however, just missed World Championship team in 2016.

Through this, I found a passion for health and fitness. Since finishing swimming, I have just completed my Cert III and IV in Fitness and am currently studying Exercise and Sport Science at university. I have had the opportunity to train with world class athletes and coaches. I have also had the opportunity to coach a variety of athletes including the Target 2020 Paralympic Teams.

I am a young upcoming trainer who is always willing to help out. I am here to help with your personal goals through health and fitness on both the physical and the mental aspect. Feel free to say hi if you see me around and ask for help.

For more of what Andrew does check out AJK Fitness on Instagram:

or email him on:


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